What To Consider When Choosing A Computer To Buy

If you are looking for a computer to buy, you need to know that there are several things that you need to consider. To help you know what to consider, it will be discussed in the following.

First, you need to check out and consider basic computer components. When it comes time to buy components, know the price of each base piece, as it will help you make a good comparison. Here are the components:

Hard discs – these are storage for computers. Storage is measured in gigabytes (GB). All documents, programs, photos, videos, and music will use this space. In general, the more storage will be better, although the average user typically uses a capacity of 500 GB.

RAM / Memory – This is a special storage used to temporarily store program information. If you do not have enough RAM, the program will run slowly or even corrupted. The 4 GB capacity is the ideal amount of RAM, although gamers and graphic designers have at least twice as much RAM.

CPU – This is the processor on the computer, and what makes the computer work. There are two major manufacturers of processors – Intel and AMD. The price of AMD is usually slightly cheaper than Intel in terms of performance, quality and support are comparable. Be sure to find out which CPU you are going to buy, as the market often changes.

Video Card – If you are not playing games or doing 3D development, you do not have to worry about graphics cards. However, if you are a game enthusiast, a video card is an essential component of your computer.

Then, you also need to consider between Apple with Windows PC. If your business runs a lot on Mac computers, having a Mac at home can make the job more convenient. Apple computers are usually more expensive than Windows PCs for the same specifications, and Windows PCs can run more games than Apple even though more and more games are available for the Mac.

Some Photo Editor For Smartphone

If we find a beautiful moment and we can not miss, the first thing we think about is to capture it with the camera. Photos we take we can edit with photo editor application. Currently, we can find many photo editor for PC or Laptop. Not only for large devices, we can also use our smartphone to embarrass the editing process. There is some photo editor application that is very familiar and can we download on the smartphone.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express
This app is present for Android devices with the use of fairly easy and simple. Here you can make edits from start cutting, twisting, giving effect and so forth. You can also edit your photo by taking it from your mobile gallery or taking it directly with your android camera.
However, very unfortunate, this application is not suitable for you who like to add text to photos or images. Because in this app is not available text added the feature.

2. PhotoDirector
This Photo Director tends to tell first how to use the feature before the user practices it. If the user forgets, the user can immediately re-check the tutorial contained in the question mark the Photo Director application. Usually, the features that we can use or download is very limited for free users, but this application has issued many features and other things that can be categorized good when users do not buy a full version of it.

3. Snapseed
This one application is famous for making photos look more awesome and looks cool. In addition, this application is directly made by the google, so no doubt the greatness of this application, this application has proved good but if you can not wear it optimally and this will be very unfortunate.

4. VSCO Cam
We can say, Vsco is the most used photo editing app by travelers. The number of features and filters in it as if to provide flexibility to create the best photos. For those of you who like vintage and dirty filters, Vsco is the best app for you. Maintaining the quality of the tone is shady and not too luminous. This app can be used on Android and iOS platforms.

Human Lifestyle That Shortens Age

The lifestyle in the city with the village is much different. The study revealed that life expectancy of the rural population is higher than urban population, although the rural areas inhabited are poor and far from city centre. No wonder, many retirees hope to spend the rest of their lives in the village. The low life expectancy in urban areas can not be separated from the lifestyle of unhealthy citizens. From various sources, following various lifestyles of citizens of the city that can shorten the age, among others:

– Like staying up late
Townspeople often spend their time during the day to work. At night, instead of resting, many people in urban areas hang out in cafes or to entertainment venues until late at night. Staying up late is not a bad thing for health. The risk is when the lack of sleep and disrupt the biological clock. Various studies have found that lack of sleep can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

– Easy stress
Jamming, pollution, hot weather plus job pressure make city residents more vulnerable to stress. At some stage, stress can be good because it triggers people to work hard. But stress that is not managed properly is a health hazard. Stress is known to trigger depression and mental disorders if not treated properly. Even a recent study found that stress can alter the structure of a person’s DNA and pass on to his or her children.

– Riding inconsiderate vehicle
City life does offer better financial security. Lots of work and money to get in town. As a result, more and more people are competing to buy vehicles to support their mobility. A countless number of deaths and losses due to traffic accidents. Most cases are caused by human error, can be due to negligence while driving, or inconsiderate driving.

– Lazy exercise
The complete infrastructure and facilities in the city indeed facilitate the activity. But because it feels so easy, people become a little moving and lazy to exercise. Moreover, some work in the city requires sitting all day in the office. There are many types of diseases that can be combated with exercise, ranging from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma to cancer. Exercise can also strengthen muscles, improve physical balance and increase stamina.

Some Simple Ways To Get Long Life

Many people want to have a long life and not easily affected by the disease. Some of them are not ready to face death. Others are not ready to leave loved ones. There are several Lifestyle that can make a person long life and not easily affected by the disease. This can be done by everyone because it’s easy, and just takes patience to get results in old age.

1. Exercise regularly
Exercising every day, without passing a day. It’s a key factor for a longer life, according to a study. Exercise can increase immune system.

2. Reduce meat
Reducing meat consumption and eating more vegetables. It is known to improve your life, as plant foods can save your heart well.

3. Stop eating before full
One simple way to get live longer is to stop eating when you fill your stomach will full. This habit can make your weight stable and can prevent some diseases.

4. Drink 2 glasses of wine
Drink two glasses of wine either in a day or night, also known to improve life expectancy, because the wine is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants have many benefits for our body.

5. Avoid stress
Another simple key to getting live longer is to relieve stress from your life because stress can be the root cause of a number of fatal diseases.

6. Have a purpose in life
Many experts thought if people have a specific purpose for their life, lead to live longer because they make a good effort to stay healthy for their goals.

7. Avoid junk food
Another tip is to really avoid consuming junk food, especially after you have some diseases. It also applies to people over 30 years old because the fat in it can shorten your life.

8. Expand friends
It’s related to stress. People who have many close friends can avoid stress because they actively socialize and do not keep the problem in their minds

How To Overcome Tired Eyes

The demands of work that require you to work with your computer for hours can cause the eyes to tire quickly. In addition, the eyes will also feel dry. The intensity of excessive use of the eyes such as reading small letters in dim light or wearing glasses with the wrong lens size and driving at night can also be tiring. Due to tension or fatigue of the muscles around the eyes often result in headaches. The most common symptoms of tired eyes are watery eyes, heavy, redness, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, irritation and more sensitivity to light. Symptoms that usually indicate tired eyes normally go away on their own. But if the problem gets worse or does not go away, see a doctor immediately. Here is the best solution to overcome eye fatigue:

1. Distract attention
All you need to do is switch the focus for 20 seconds on some other object. This is one of the best and simplest ways to deal with eye strain.

2. Winking repeatedly
This may sound funny. However, this can stretch the tense eye muscles. Too long staring at the computer makes eyes dry and tired. With a wink, you can wet your eyes regularly.

3. Using filters
You can use a screen filter that can help minimise light from the computer. Rays that are too strong can make eyes so tired.

4. Adjust the contrast
You can make adjustments to contrast and colour to prevent eye strain.

5. Sports eye
Eye muscle exercises can ease the feeling of fatigue in your eyesight. In essence, do a little stretch on the eyes like moving your eyes, blinking or even focused focus.

6. Eyelid massage
Massage the eyelid and the muscles around it gently. This includes how to relax and improve circulation. This massage also stimulates the tear glands, which prevents dryness of the eyes.

Eyes take the time to rest for a moment. Spend a little time to relax the eyes. The focus of work can still, as long as health is concerned as well yes.

7. Palming
Put your hands over your eyes to rest your eyes. Resting the eyes with frequent eyes is an effective method to refresh and relieve the eyes.

Disadvantages Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is not trivial, there are various physical problems that will arise, such as red eyes, lack of energy, and headaches. Sleep becomes an important process for the body, which will affect all the functions of the system in the body. Body Health also depends on the quality of sleep the body gets. So, do not let you experience it and here are seven effects of sleep deprivation that need to be known:

1. Physical fatigue and mental stress
Lack of sleep is definitely going to affect the physical body. Just like nutrition, sleep is also important to rest the body in full. When sleeping, the body will begin in the process of cell renewal and improve muscle. This becomes the time for the brain to synthesize all the information that has been received throughout the day. Lack of sleep next will cause fatigue and stress.

2. Weight gain
Lack of sleep will also cause the metabolism to slow down because the process of digesting sugar consumed during the day will be disrupted. Lack of sleep causes increased hunger during the irregular hours, as the body begins to demand more food from what is needed, which will lead to weight gain.

3. Cognitive slowing
A person who is not getting enough sleep can inhibit cognitive functioning and make the brain not work maximally. When you feel often forgetful and confused, you should check the hours of sleep the night before.

4. Dull skin
People who sleep less tends to cause eye circumference to be black and the growth of acne. Lack of sleep will cause the body to release hormone cortisone. This hormone will break down the collagen in the skin, which is responsible for making the skin smooth and shiny.

5. Depression and psychological disorders
Many studies that show lack of sleep cause psychological disorders, including depression. People who experience insomnia will be more susceptible to the disorder, compared with people who get enough sleep.

6. Cardiovascular disease
Lack of sleep will cause an increase in stress hormones in the body. It affects overall health, including the heart. The stress hormone can damage the blood vessels, which will cause high blood pressure.

7. Diabetes
As mentioned earlier that lack of sleep will cause the body’s metabolism decreases and decreases, which will reduce the body’s ability to digest glucose. And, this is called will cause diabetes as well as obesity.

Advantages Of Entertainment

What is in your mind when talking about Entertainment? Is it something a must for you, especially with your busy activities? Most individuals define it as the simple way to relieve stress and forget about their problem for a moment until finding the solution. In general, there are so many forms and entertainment that you can create even without spending a lot of money. If you like to listen to the music, then you can do so. Some of the advantages of entertainment are having fun and lowering the level of stress. Have you ever experienced they both?

Well, whether or not you will believe this, entertainment doesn’t only relieve you of stress. It can also help you regain your energy and thus recharge your batteries. Your psyche redirects far from your everyday stresses and strains and you can occupy your brain from the typical calendar. along these lines, everybody must have a day by day measurements of entertainment. tuning into music is simply the least difficult approach to engage. going for a long excursion is dependably a smart thought.

However, it is important to be aware how different person may have the different entertainment options. On the other words, each of people has the different way to create happiness, laughing, the grabing peace of his or her mind and Health’s refreshment. While it is right that entertainment can make us happy, you have the freedom to choose even more than one option when it comes to entertaining yourself and your soul. Some of the common options of entertainment are music, dance, drama, cinema, comedy, and game. It is not hard to find the entertainment in Indonesia. You can even hang out with your friends just to enjoy ice cream with the unique way. Regardless of the choice you take, make sure it can really entertain you as well as you expect.

Advantages Of Reading Regularly

Reading is highly recommended to children to get used to when they grow up. If they are hobbies to read, there are many benefits they can get. In addition, reading is also an Entertainment that does not require a lot of cost and energy so it can be done by everyone. Here are the advantages of reading regularly:

1. Increase the memory capacity of the brain
Every time you read something, your brain will create a new space to store it. So the memory capacity of your brain continues to grow.

2. Helps analytical thinking skills
When reading, you must look at the plot and character of the story. Well, this is what can make your thinking ability increases. Until you can think critically because it has often analyzed the details and plots in the book that has been read.

3. Add knowledge
Knowledge is definitely earned if you love to read. Because when reading, your brain will be filled with new information. With so much knowledge, you will more easily face difficulties or obstacles in life.

4. Preventing Alzheimer’s
People who like to read lowered two and a half times the tendency to be affected by Alzheimer’s or senility. This is because when reading you will remember the plot, character, history, as well as background story so that your ability to remember continued honed.

5. Reduce stress levels
When you are stressed out after work, college, or because of other things, reading can restore it. By reading a favorite book or article, you can drift and drown in it. So your stress is forgotten. Reading is also believed to provide inner peace and lower blood pressure, you know.

6. Add new vocabularies
The more reading, the more new vocabulary you learn. By reading, you can also increase your foreign language knowledge. So it can help you communicate in everyday life. Is it fun if you can chat with smart sentences?

7. Increase concentration
When reading, all your attention will be focused on the reading. It will increase your concentration. Try to read about 15-20 minutes before leaving for work or college, guaranteed you will be more focused during the move.

How To Start A Small Business

Having determined that you want to start a small business, create a business plan, manage to finance, and set up a site, it is time for you to open a physical store. Although planning a business is a challenging thing, the act of opening and realizing the concept gives its own difficulties. To be more successful in the long term, make sure the business starts well. Here are some tips for establishing a business legally, hiring first few employees, marketing services, and arranging for the opening.

Before starting the business, you have to make sure that you have a business plan. This plan is important to start a business and can be considered as explaining business, product or service, market share, and how to raise it in the next 3-5 years. This plan is actually a roadmap that businesses must follow in order to move forward.

Writing a business plan offers a lot of useful information about the process, for example: determining the potential market and elements of exposure; Identifying initial business needs and start-up costs; Identify potential investors, determine marketing strategies and plans; As well as making short, dense, clear documents and ending with an executive summary. This is where you will sell the business to investors and interested parties. To make sure you are ready to open, consult your local licensing department before starting a business. Typically, the core of each major part is divided into three steps below.

Then, after that, you need to get business permission. The city or province where you operate may require a business license. Usually, you can find the forms on the local site. All of these forms require the type of business, address, the number of employees, and possibly information about income. You also should keep in mind that licensing requirements typically apply both to home-based businesses that run online, in addition to the usual physical business. These requirements may vary by location, so be sure to contact local and provincial governments to learn about them.

Some Jobs On Information And Technology

In order to survive every day, everyone works to earn wages or pay. For those who have enough capital and money, they can open a business and start a new life in the Business and Finance sector. One of the most sought-after sectors today is information and technology. Many people learn to have skills in this field because it is thought to last a long time. Below are some jobs that require expertise in the field of information and technology.

1. Animator
Animator is the person who makes the animation, usually, those who deepen the multimedia already has the science of making animation even can make animation, although the duration is short.
Usually, the business of this field is to offer services to companies or people in need, such as public advertisements. It aims to attract the attention of those who see and will be more easily understood if done by fictional characters.

2. Graphic Design
Multimedia is also usually identical to the design, for you who have the ability in the field of design would be nice if used as a tool to earn money. In general graphic design is in great demand of many people.
Brochures, banners, company logos, or even clothing models can be created by graphic designers. You can offer your services online and offline.

3. Videographer
Just as with photographer, people also need a documentation if there is a mandatory event in the moments. Only with skill and DSLR, you can run this business.
Video documentation is also not lost with photo documentation. Many people make VLOG and compete to create content that everyone can enjoy. If you are serious in this field you can learn cinematography to make a movie and so forth.

4. Entrepreneurship IT field
From some of the above-mentioned fields I mentioned, and none is suitable for friends maybe this field can be friends run.
Multimedia or IT is in need of many tools and usually to buy the tool is difficult to obtain, well this is our opportunity to open the IT field.
We can sell tools that people need, such as computer stores, printers and sell ink, laptops and services, cable network cabling, and many more multimedia tools.